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Rotating Text Banners: Final Thoughts - Doc JavaScript

A Final Word

In this column we discovered some major differences between Navigator 4.0x and Internet Explorer 4.0x. Navigator treats a positioned element as an independant document, while Explorer exposes various properties that let you handle the element. We also explained the basics of browser detection and object detection, which are explained in detail in Column 6, Browser Compatibility.

For the first time in our columns, we discussed the new setInterval() method. This method is useful in scripts that require a fourth-generation browser, because a recursive implementation of the universal setTimeout() method serves as a workaround for setInterval().

  1. How to determine what browser the user is running.
  2. How to create a container for the rotating text script.
  3. How to use to update existing HTML code.
  4. How to rotate the banner.

Created: September 25, 1997
Revised: April 16, 1998