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IE 5.0 Review, Part V: HTML Applications (HTAs); Motivation -

IE 5.0 Review, Part V: HTML Applications (HTAs) (2)

Motivation for HTAs

There are many good reasons to write applications in HTA. Here are four:

Ease of programming for novice programmers.
Some of you are intimidated by C++ and Java, but are OK with DHTML and JavaScript. If this is the case, you can now write Windows applications with your favorite Web languages, DHTML and JavaScript. Many of you create and maintain Web sites. You can now author simple Windows applications with the same development tools you are so accustomed to.
Massaging HTML content.
If your application is dealing with HTML files, then you'd better write it in HTA. If you need to check validity of links of a Web page, compare between HTML files, create HTML, or edit existing HTML, you'll find HTA to be the best choice.
Upgrage an HTML application.
If you currently maintain an HTML-based application, you can easily convert it to an HTA-based Windows application. As HTA-based applications are invoked explicitly by the user, they are not subject to the same security limitations that browser-based applications are subject to. In addition, you can define the application's user interface and don't have to inherit the browser's user inteface with its many buttons and menus. You can also start HTA-based application from the Windows' Start menu.
Web distribution.
If you are in charge of the software distribution operation in your company, then you should be very interested in HTAs. Their advantage is that they can be distributed and updated through the Web. You develop and maintain your HTAs on a server and then everyone in your organization can download your applications for initial installation or for further updates. The Web here serves as a common bus, a delivery vehicle that is always available, is reliable, and does not charge extra for your delivery. The enterprise software distribution model is quickly becoming a hot topic, as it poses serious technical chanllenges as far as cost, reliability, and efficiency are concerned. HTAs will contribute to shaping this model.

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Created: May 12, 1999
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