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The Document Object Model (DOM), Part I: A Final Word -

The Document Object Model (DOM) (10)

A Final Word

In this column we launched a series of columns on the Document Object Model (DOM). In this part we introduced the DOM's concepts, nomenclature, and principles. We explained the similarities and differences between the DOM and the DHTML Object Model, and showed that the DOM is more consistent and easier to use than the DHTML Object Model, but it does not support events. We explained the DOM's properties and how to use them in real-life applications. We showed you how to analyze HTML pages and demonstrated the WYSIWYG concept. We used these principle to analyze and draw the DOM structure of both a simple HTML page and a table. We also showed you how to navigate the DOM tree in these two particular examples. In this column you learned:

Produced by Yehuda Shiran and Tomer Shiran

Created: May 31, 1999
Revised: May 31, 1999