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Using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0, Part II: Manipulating Projects, Part II

Using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0, Part II

Manipulating Projects, Part II


Removes a file (fileName) from the active project. Returns a true value if successful, a false value otherwise. The list of files in the Project Window, though, will not be refreshed automatically.


Shows the last project-related error. The exact same message box is displayed again as in the original occurrence. For example, the following request to add a non-existence file to a project:


yields the following message box:

A subsequent call to ShowLastProjectError() yields the same message box as above.


Displays the Upload Project dialog. Here is an example of this dialog box:

UploadProject(ftpServer, forceLowerCaseFlag, uploadOnlyNewerFlag, ColdFusionEncryptFlag)Boolean

Uploads the active project to the specified server (ftpServer), according to the given flags. The ftp server should be one of the servers currently defined in the Server Window. The Upload Project dialog window above shows the two servers defined in our example. You specify the ftpServer exactly as it is specified in the Upload Project dialog window. In our example, the ftpServer can either be "ftp://Webreference" or "ftp://Doc JavaScript".

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