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Persistent Random Banners: The Message Feed

Persistent Random Banners

The Message Feed

var tips = new Array();
tips[0] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/990923.html">Learn how</A> to load a new page while disabling the browser\'s \"Back\" function, so the user has no way back.';
tips[1] = 'Do you want to display an eye-catching true color image? <A HREF="/js/tips/990924.html">Find out how</A> to select an optimized image for your user.';
tips[2] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/990925.html">Find out how</A> to generate a random number, so you can load a random Web page or display a random message.';
tips[3] = 'Do you want to access various properties and methods of the same object? <A HREF="/js/tips/990926.html">You don\'t need to repeat the object reference</A>.';
tips[4] = 'How about speeding up your Web site? <A HREF="/js/tips/990927.html">Find out how</A> to preload your images with JavaScript.';
tips[5] = 'Be sure you are getting real email addresses, not useless garbage. <A HREF="/js/tips/990928.html">Check out</A> an advanced cross-browser solution.';
tips[6] = 'Is your script ready for the next millennium? <A HREF="/js/tips/990929.html">Be sure</A> you\'ve nailed down the Y2K issues.';
tips[7] = 'Do you want to share libraries between HTML pages? <A HREF="/js/tips/990930.html">Learn how to</A> do it with external script.';
tips[8] = 'Do you want old browsers be able to load your page? <A HREF="/js/tips/991001.html">Learn how</A> to hide the script from them.';
tips[9] = 'Do you know how to use the null value? <A HREF="/js/tips/991002.html">Learn how</A> to take advantage of it.';
tips[10] = 'Do you know what type conversion is? <A HREF="/js/tips/991003.html">Learn how</A> to convert numbers to strings.';
tips[11] = 'Do you know what literals are? <A HREF="/js/tips/991004.html">Learn about</A> the different JavaScript\'s literals.';
tips[12] = 'Do you know what escape sequences are? <A HREF="/js/tips/991005.html">Learn about</A> JavaScript\'s escape sequences.';
tips[13] = 'Do you know the fundamentals of object-based programming? <A HREF="/js/tips/991006.html">Learn about</A> JavaScript\'s objects.';
tips[14] = 'Do you know the difference between user-defined objects and built-in objects? <A HREF="/js/tips/991007.html">Learn about</A> JavaScript\'s object types.';
tips[15] = 'How do you do integral division? <A HREF="/js/tips/991008.html">Find out</A> how to get rid of the remainder.';
tips[16] = 'Array notation vs. dot notation, which one should I use? <A HREF="/js/tips/991009.html">Learn</A> when to use which.';
tips[17] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/991010.html">Learn</A> about the \"second radio button group\" bug in the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer 4.';
tips[18] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/991011.html">Find out</A> how to load a new document in the current window or in another frame via JavaScript.';
tips[19] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/991012.html">Learn</A> the difference between a bit and a byte and find out how they form binary and hexadecimal numbers.';
tips[20] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/991013.html">Discover</A> JavaScript\'s collection of bitwise operators. You never know when you\'ll need them.';
tips[21] = 'Do you know what 0x23 & 0x72 is? <A HREF="/js/tips/991014.html">Discover</A> the bitwise AND operator.';
tips[22] = 'Do you know what 0x46 | 0x79 is? <A HREF="/js/tips/991015.html">Discover</A> the bitwise OR operator.';
tips[23] = 'Do you know how to reverse 70? <A HREF="/js/tips/991016.html">Discover</A> the bitwise NOT operator.';
tips[24] = 'Do you know what 0x2C XOR 0xA3 is? <A HREF="/js/tips/991017.html">Discover</A> the bitwise XOR operator.';
tips[25] = 'Do you know what 179 << 2 is? <A HREF="/js/tips/991018.html">Discover</A> the bitwise left shift operator.';
tips[26] = 'Do you know what 176 >> 3 is? <A HREF="/js/tips/991019.html">Discover</A> the bitwise right shift operator.';
tips[27] = 'Do you know what -17 >>> 3 is? <A HREF="/js/tips/991020.html">Discover</A> the bitwise zero-fill right shift operator.';
tips[28] = 'Where you born on a Friday? Or was it Saturday? <A HREF="/js/tips/991021.html">Learn</A> how to use the Date object.';
tips[29] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/991022.html">Use the Date object</A> to discover the exact date 99 days ago.';
tips[30] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/991023.html">Discover</A> JavaScript\'s Date object and learn how to use its important methods.';
tips[31] = '<A HREF="/js/tips/991024.html">Learn</A> how to respond to keyboard events. Find out what key the user pressed.';
tips[32] = 'Do you know what browser your users are running? <A HREF="/js/tips/991025.html">Learn</A> how to detect the browser type.';
tips[33] = 'Are your Web pages rendering slowly? <A HREF="/js/tips/991026.html">Find out</A> how to get your pages rendered as fast as possible.';
tips[34] = 'Are you familiar with the DOM\'s Cloning Depth? <A HREF="/js/tips/000324.html">Learn how to load a new page while disabling the browser\'s \"Back\" function, so the user has no way back.</A>.';

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