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Introducing WML and WMLScript: A Final Word

Introducing WML and WMLScript

A Final Word

In this column we touched on a hot topic that is going to occupy and involve many of you: the Wireless world. The accelerated deployment of cellular phones and other user agents will soon make wireless devices one of the favorite ways for consumers to interact with the internet. Programming in the wireless world is based on a de facto standard, the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). You can program devices via two languages: WML and WMLScript. We gave you a crash course in WML as well as an introduction to WMLScript. We explained in detail how to install and operate the Nokia WAP toolkit, and how to run a Nokia example on it (currency conversion). We followed our tutorial with screen captures of the Nokia 6150, simulating the currency conversion application.

In this column you learned:

We also included the listings of Nokia's currency conversion example which includes a WML deck and a WMLScript script. Their zipped versions were also provided.

Produced by Yehuda Shiran and Tomer Shiran

Created: May 8, 2000
Revised: May 8, 2000