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WMLScript Primer: JavaScript vs. WMLScript

WMLScript Primer

JavaScript vs. WMLScript

The following table summarizes the differences between JavaScript and WMLScript:

Supports HTML CommentsNoYes
Non-escape characters preceded by a backslashNoYes
Names may include $ charactersNoYes
Supports global variablesYesYes
Supports automatic declarationsYesYes
Supports the generic term numberYesNo
Specifies maximum and minimum values for integersYesNo
Supports double-precision floating-point valuesNoYes
Supports objectsNoYes
Supports arraysNoYes
typeof returnsan integera string
Supports for..inNoYes
Supports withNoYes
Supports LibrariesYesNo
Supports invalidYesNo
Supports isvalidYesNo
>Supports deleteNoyes
Supports voidNoYes
Supports divYesNo
Supports externYesNo
Supports pragmasYesNo

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