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WMLScript Standard Libraries

WMLScript Standard Libraries

This is the third installment of our three-part series on WMLScript, the JavaScript dialect for wireless applications. One of the major differences between JavaScript and WMLScript is that WMLScript does not support objects and methods as JavaScript does. WMLScript provides its functionality via six libraries: Lang, Float, String, URL, WMLBrowser, and Dialogs.

The functions contained in these libraries provide a subset of JavaScript's methods. The Lang and Float libraries contain arithmetic functions usually found in JavaScript's number and Math objects. The floating-point functions are separated from the rest of the functions because floating-point support is optional; some systems do not support it. The String library includes functions that mimic string object's methods. The URL library supports basic operation on URLs, similar to JavaScript's methods for URLs. The WMLBrowser library takes care of the WML-WMLScript interaction, and is very specific to WMLScript. The Dialogs library presents basic user interface functions, similar to JavaScript's alert() method.

This column is a reference manual for WMLScript libraries. Find your function and learn about its usage. You can also browse through to get a sense of what WMLScript is all about. Pretty soon, you'll use these functions pretty extensively.

In this column you will learn:

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