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HTML Components: A Final Word

HTML Components

A Final Word

In this column we presented HTML Components, first introduced in IE 5.5. We showed you how this new feature may replace traditional ActiveX controls and other embedded objects. We explained the general concept of encapsulated code that is being stored in another file (.htc) and being rendered by the main page. We tried to clarify the many terms involved. We claimed that namespace is an HTC Component and is based on custom tag behaviors.

We walked you through the calendar example, line by line. The calendar is an HTC (MYCAL) that calls two other HTCs, ANYDAY and TODAY. We showed you how to define an HTC and its custom tags. We also explained how the calendar works.

In this column you learned:

We also provided you with the listings of the calendar's main page, the three HTCs (MYCAL, ANYDAY, and TODAY), and the non-HTC version of the calendar. All these files were also included in a zipped format.

Produced by Yehuda Shiran and Tomer Shiran

Created: July 3, 2000
Revised: July 3, 2000