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The Mailtool: A Final Word - Doc JavaScript

The Mailtool

A Final Word

In this column we introduced you to the mailto: URL capability of JavaScript. We explained its syntax and how to extend the single address attribute to many other mail message's attributes (cc, bcc, subject, and body). We presented a tool to create mailto: URLs that you can copy and paste into your site. We taught you how to write the tool's HTML, as well as its script. We also showed you a script that can be used to generate mailto: URLs, from fields that are hard-coded in the script. You can use both tools to test mailto: URLs. The first one prompts you to fill a form with all needed information. As for the second one, you need to know some programming to modify the script to support your specific inputs.

In this column you have learned:

We provided you with the mailto: URL tool's listing in both HTML and ZIP formats. We also added the mailto: URL generation script in both HTML and ZIP.

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