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The Mailtool

The mailto: URL feature of JavaScript is very powerful but underused nonetheless. One of the reasons for its low usage is that developers are familiar only with its basic features, and are not aware of its multiple attribute support. The mailto: URL supports not only the address of the mail message but also its cc, bcc, subject, and body fields. The ability to assemble a whole mail message by script ought to be more popular among those sites promoting their readers to send their feedbacks, bug reports, complaints, praises, etc.

In this column we cover several parts of the mailto: URL command. We'll first explain the multiple attributes that mailto: URL supports (to, cc, bcc, subject, and body). We'll present a simple mailto: URL tool that helps in generating, viewing, and testing mailto: URLs. Finally, we'll show you a script that assembles a mailto: URL.

In this column you will learn:

We provide you with the mailto: URL tool's listing in both HTML and ZIP formats. We also add the mailto: URL generation script in both HTML and ZIP.

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