Netscape 6, Part VII: Object-Oriented DOCJSLIB 3.1: Structuring your Application - Doc JavaScript | 2 | WebReference

Netscape 6, Part VII: Object-Oriented DOCJSLIB 3.1: Structuring your Application - Doc JavaScript | 2

Netscape 6, Part VII: Object-Oriented DOCJSLIB 3.1

Structuring your Application

Our demo application includes three applications in one:

The general structure of the application page is similar to what we presented in our previous column, Netscape 6, Part VI: Object-Oriented DOCJSLIB 1.2. Read the other column carefully to get acquainted with the principles of object-oriented programming in general and object-oriented JavaScript in particular. We first load the browser sniffer:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="browserSniffer.js">

We then load the browser-independent superclass object:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="docjslibSuperClass.js">

We decide which subclass object to load in the following javascript code:


We load all four subclass objects, for Internet Explorer 4.x, Internet Explorer 5.x, Netscape Navigator 4.x, and Netscape 6 in createTheProperSubClass.js:

var browserType = new browserSniffer();
if (browserType.ie4) {document.write(
  '<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"
else if (browserType.ie5) {document.write(
  '<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"
else if (browserType.ns4) {document.write(
  '<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"
else if (browserType.ns6) {document.write(
  '<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"

So far, we have loaded object constructor in the form of function definitions. We create the proper subclass and an instance of it next:

var classSelectionObj = new createTheProperSubClass();
var myBrowserAPIObj =

The rest of the page includes the code for the three applications. To make the code more readable, we enclosed each application in a separate <SCRIPT> tag. They can all be in a single tag, of course.

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