Embedding Sound with Flash, Part I: The Basics - Doc JavaScript | WebReference

Embedding Sound with Flash, Part I: The Basics - Doc JavaScript

Embedding Sound with Flash, Part I: The Basics

In this column we embark on a new series about sonification of Web pages with the Flash player. We introduced the subject of sound in Web pages in columns 20 and 21, Embedding Sound in Web Pages, Parts I and II. They are based on native players for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, and on simple music formats such as WAV.

Using the Flash player is a whole lot different. First, the file format is much more complicated. It is based on the timeline approach, and includes both sound bits and commands such as stop, start, and fadetostop. In this column we'll explain the role of Flash to create sound files for the Web (SWF files), and what is the structure of this SWF file. We'll introduce the FlashSound JavaScript API by the sonify.org organization. We'll show you a step-by-step recipe for sonifying links in your Web pages. We'll present three example SWF tracks that you can play around with.

In this column you will learn:

You can download the Flash Player, the FlashSound JavaScript API, and the three SWF examples we use in this column: beamscan, kung fu, and funky music. You can also find all these files in one zipped file.

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