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Embedding Sound with Flash, Part II: Playing Variations: - Doc JavaScript

Embedding Sound with Flash, Part II: Playing Variations

In this column we continue our series on FlashSound JavaScript API. We presented the basics of Flash and FlashSound JavaScript API in our previous column, Embedding Sound with Flash, Part I: The Basics. In this column we deal with various methods to control sound tracks and the interaction between them. Will teach you how to play multiple tracks and multiple instances of the same track. We'll show you when playing parallel tracks is desirable and in which cases it is not recommended. We'll show you how avoid playing sound tracks at the same time and how to stop them before re-triggering. We'll also show which stop command you need to use for your sound track.

In this column we'll also describe the three main instance properties of FlashSound API. We'll present the loop, autostart, and playerID properties. We'll demonstrate how to loop a sound track, how to autostart it, and how to find the embedded object ID. This ID can be used to access non-API properties. We'll explain you how.

In this column you will learn:

You can download the Flash Player, the FlashSound JavaScript API, and the three SWF examples we use in this column: funkymusic, ring over, scale music, loop demo, and theme music. You can also find these files in one zipped file.

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