Embedding Movies with Flash, Part II: Basic Properties: Shifting Sideways - Doc JavaScript | WebReference

Embedding Movies with Flash, Part II: Basic Properties: Shifting Sideways - Doc JavaScript

Embedding Movies with Flash, Part II: Basic Properties

Shifting Sideways

One of the Flash movie's properties is X POSITION. You may both set and get this property. The X POSITION property designates the horizontal offset of the movie frame with respect to its embedded position on the page. You can set and get Flash properties by their sequence numbers. You get a property like this:

  mySwf.TGetProperty(timeline, propertyNumber);

And you set it as follows:

  mySwf.TSetProperty(timeline, propertyNumber, value);

The X POSITION property is no. 0, so you get its value by going:

  mySwf.TGetProperty(timeline, 0);

And you set it in a similar way:

  mySwf.TSetProperty(timeline, 0, value);

Play the following movie by clicking the Play link. Get the X POSITION of the movie by clicking the Get X link. Move the movie to the right by 200 pixels by clicking the Set X link:

Rewind | Play | Get X | Set X

Here is the source code:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="flashcheck2.js">
<A href="javascript://" onclick="javascript:mySwf2.
 Rewind(); return false">Rewind</A> |
<A href="javascript://" onclick="javascript:mySwf2.
 Play(); return false">Play</A> |
<A href="javascript://" onclick="javascript:alert(mySwf2.
 TGetProperty('/', 0)); return false">Get X</A> |
<A href="javascript://" onclick="javascript:mySwf2.
 TSetProperty('/', 0, 200); return false">Set X</A>
  var mySwf2 = Flash_embedSWF("opener.swf", "opener");

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