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Free JavaScript tips and tricks, packed and ready to go. You don't need an HMO, PPO, or any other script insurance. It's all free.

JxPharmacy, by Tomer & Yehuda Shiran

Latest Drug:

[11] The Year 2000
Will your scripts work in the next millennium? This article explains exactly what you need to do to make sure your dates show up correctly when the clock strikes midnight on December 31, 1999. Or is that January 1, 2000?

Recent Drugs:

[10] Cross-Browser Scripting
Find out how to write cross-browser scripts with three effective techniques. If you've been using cross-browser object references, be prepared for a surprise -- new and improved methods.

[09] A Popup Menu
Enables the user to select a site from a menu. The site loads in the current window or in another frame.

[08] A Text Date
Prints the current date in the Month Day, Year format. The date reflects the user's sytem settings.

[07] A Feedback Form
Creates an e-mail feedback form. The script verifies the user's e-mail address.

[06] A T-banner
Creates an award-winning T-banner that runs in the status bar. The banner's messages are "typed."

[05] A Password Protector
Stops casual users from getting to your page, with client-side password protection.

[04] A Personal Counter
Creates a personal counter, which counts how many times the user visits your site.

[03] A Date Countdown
Displays the number of days (or hours, minutes, seconds, etc.) remaining until a given date.

[02] A Frames Destroyer
Makes sure your page loads in the entire window, rather than in another site's frames.

Created: August 20, 1997
Revised: October 12, 1998