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April 9, 2000 - A Frameset in a Frame

Yehuda Shiran April 9, 2000
A Frameset in a Frame
Tips: April 2000

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
Doc JavaScript

The following link can be placed in any frame of a frameset. It will load a new frameset in the current left frame:

<A HREF="topright.html" onClick="loadLeft()"><B>Load a frameset on the left</B></A>

The loadLeft() event handler is defined as follows:

function loadLeft() {
  parent.parent.frames[0].location = "leftframeset.html";

This operation replaces the single left frame with a frame set that is defined as follows:

<TITLE> right file </TITLE>
<FRAMESET ROWS="50%,30%,*">
  <FRAME SRC="lefttop.html" NAME="leftTop">
  <FRAME SRC="leftmiddle.html" NAME="leftMiddle">
  <FRAME SRC="leftbottom.html" NAME="leftBottom">

Each of these three files includes a single image.

Learn more about frames and see a demonstration of the above in Column 36, JavaScript and Frames, Part I .