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May 23, 2000 - The createPopup() Method

Yehuda Shiran May 23, 2000
The createPopup() Method
Tips: May 2000

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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Internet Explorer 5.5 features the createPopup() method. Use this method to create popup objects. The popup objects are hidden when created. Here is how you create them:

oPopup = window.createPopup([vArgs])

where vArgs are yet to be defined. You reveal the popup window by the show() method. You send it away by clicking somewhere outside the popup window. Since the window is a regular object, you can format the popup text as you see fit. Here is a popup window that demonstrates the box' background and border:

var oPopup = window.createPopup();
var oPopupBody = oPopup.document.body; = "magenta"; = "solid blue 3px";
oPopupBody.innerHTML = "Click outside <B>popup</B> to close.";, 80, 200, 50, document.body);
// -->