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June 20, 2000 - Custom Tags

Yehuda Shiran June 20, 2000
Custom Tags
Tips: June 2000

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
Doc JavaScript

Customization was always viewed by browser developers as an attractive feature. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, for example, introduced support for custom properties in an HTML document. The way you do it is by just assigning a value to a custom property:

arrayObj.myNewProperty = "foo";

Internet Explorer 5.0 introduced support for custom tags. Custom tags allow a Web author to introduce new structures to a document while associating different styles with those structures. For example, you can define a new tag, <RIGHT>, which right-justifies a paragraph:

  @media all {
    DOCJS\:RIGHT {text-align:right; width:100}
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