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June 25, 2000 - The namespaces Collection

Yehuda Shiran June 25, 2000
The namespaces Collection
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
Doc JavaScript

Now that XML namespaces are part of HTML Components, Internet Explorer 5.5+ provides a lot of objects, methods, and properties to access these namespaces. XML namespaces is a collection that belongs to the document object. The collection itself is an array object:

oNameSpaceArray = document.namespaces;

To get to a particular namespace object, you can use simple indexing:

oNameSpace = document.namespace[index];

where index starts from 0. You can use string indexing as well. If two namespaces have the same ID or NAME, another integer differentiator is needed:

oNameSpace = document.namespace(sIndex, iSecondary);

The following example uses two namespaces, DOCJS and WEBREF. When we call document.namespace(0) from within the script below, we get the first namespace, DOCJS, as expected.

  @media all {
    DOCJS\:RIGHT {text-align:right; width:100}
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  a1 = document.namespaces(0);