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June 29, 2000 - WMLScript's Float Library

Yehuda Shiran June 29, 2000
WMLScript's Float Library
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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The WMLScript standard Float library includes a set of typical arithmetic functions that are normally part of the JavaScript language. They all operate on floating-point numbers: int(), floor(), ceil(), pow(), round(), sqrt(), maxFloat(), and minFloat(). The support of this library is optional. It is implemented only by devices that can support floating-point numbers. All functions should return invalid if floating-point numbers are not supported. Go to Column 63, The Float Library, to see a detailed definition of each function, including examples. Here is the definition of the abs() function:

Syntaxpow(value1, value2)
Parametersvalue1 = Number
value2 = Number
ReturnsFloating-point number or invalid ((if value1 == 0 and value2 value1 value2 is not an integer))
Examples:var a = Float.pow(4, 2); // a = 16
var b = Float.pow(-2, 3); // b = 8
var c = Float.pow(-2, -3); // c = invalid
var d = Float.pow(-2, "foobar"); // d = invalid