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July 2, 2000 - WMLScript's URL Library

Yehuda Shiran July 2, 2000
WMLScript's URL Library
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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The WMLScript URL library supports a rich set of functions for handling absolute and relative URLs. The functions are: isValid(), getScheme(), getHost(), getPort(), getPath(), getParameters(), getQuery(), getFragment(), getBase(), getReferer(), resolve(), escapeString(), unescapeString(), and loadString(). Go to Column 63, The URL Library, to see a detailed definition of each function, including examples. Here is the definition of the loadString() function:


This function returns the content denoted by the given URL and the content type. The syntax is loadString(url, contentType). The contentType argument must begin with "text/", and must not have any leading or trailing spaces. The content is loaded by this call. If the load is successful and the returned content type matches the given argument, the content is converted to a string and returned. If the load is not successful or the returned content is of a wrong type, an error code is returned. The error code depends on the used URL scheme. invalid is returned if the contentType argument is erroneous.

SyntaxloadString(url, contentType)
Parametersurl = String, contentType = String
ReturnsString, Integer, or invalid
Examples:var a = URL.loadString("http://www.docjavascript.com/wireless/mortgage.scr", "text/x-vcard");