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July 10, 2000 - Cursor Types

Yehuda Shiran July 10, 2000
Cursor Types
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) supports the cursor attribute. The cursor attribute allows you to specify what the cursor will look like when it is over an element. A simple application is when you want to indicate to the user that the text titled "Click Here" would perform an action when clicked, just like a text link on a Web page. Using the cursor attribute eliminates the need to use an anchor tag to change the cursor.

Specifying the cursor is fairly simple. You just define it in an HTML element, such as the following:

<SPAN CLASS="block" STYLE="cursor: crosshair">crosshair</SPAN>

The SPAN's content may be, among other things, an image:

<SPAN CLASS="block" STYLE="cursor: crosshair">"bc.gif"</SPAN>

Here are all the cursor types supported. Just move your cursor on top of the titles and see the actual cursor type in action:

crosshair default hand

move e-resize ne-resize

nw-resize n-resize se-resize

sw-resize s-resize w-resize

text wait help