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September 30, 2000 - time vs time2

Yehuda Shiran September 30, 2000
time vs time2
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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The time behavior was introduced in Internet Explorer 5.0, while time2 was first released in Internet Explorer 5.5. One of the differences is that you can use the TIMELINE attribute (instead of the TIMECONTAINER attribute) with the time behavior, as opposed to the time2 behavior. Also, when using the time behavior, you have to prefix HTML+TIME attributes with "t:". In the following example we don't use TIMEACTION="display", and as a result, there is no reflowing of the page, and each slide appears in its original position, covering all four quadrants. Try it now. Here is the full listing:

  .mytime {behavior: url(#default#time);}
<DIV CLASS="mytime" t:TIMELINE="seq"> 
    <IMG SRC="slide1.gif" CLASS="mytime" t:DUR="2">
    <IMG SRC="slide4.gif" CLASS="mytime" t:DUR="2"><BR>
    <IMG SRC="slide5.gif" CLASS="mytime" t:DUR="2">
    <IMG SRC="slide6.gif" CLASS="mytime" t:DUR="2">

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