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April 12, 2001 - Playing Multiple Tracks

Yehuda Shiran April 12, 2001
Playing Multiple Tracks
Tips: April 2001

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
Doc JavaScript

The Flash player supports multiple instances of the FlashSound objects. Each object is associated with a different SWF file and managed independently of other objects. The practical implication is that your users can listen to two or more sound tracks at the same time. As a reminder, in order to sonify your page, follow this recipe:
  • Make sure you have the Flash player. 96% of the surfing population already has it. Download.
  • Include
flashsound.js in the HEAD section.
  • Create a flashsound object in the
  • HEAD section.
  • Embed your swf file in the
  • BODY section.
  • Create an anchor tag and set the
  • onclick event handler to the TGotoAndPlay() method.

    Here are three links. Click the first one to sound a funky music. Then click the Ring Me link. The funky music continues while the link is ringing. Stop the funky music by clicking the second link.

    Play the funky music

    Fade and stop the funky music

    Ring Me

    Here is the source code:

    <SCRIPT SRC="flashsound.js"></SCRIPT>
      var mySoundObj1 = new FlashSound();
      var mySoundObj2 = new FlashSound();
    <P><A HREF="javascript://" onclick="mySoundObj1.TGotoAndPlay('/fistycuffs', 'start')">Play the funky music</A>
    <P><A HREF="javascript://" onclick="mySoundObj1.TGotoAndPlay('/fistycuffs', 'fadetostop')">Fade and stop the funky music</A>
    <P><A HREF="javascript://" onclick="mySoundObj2.TGotoAndPlay('/ringsound', 'start')">Ring Me</A>

    Here are links you can use to download flashsound.js, funkymusic.swf, and ringover.swf:

    Download flashsound.js

    Download funkymusic.swf

    Download ringover.swf