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July 31, 2001 - Print Template's Behaviors

Yehuda Shiran July 31, 2001
Print Template's Behaviors
Tips: July 2001

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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Print templates are HTML files that use four print template behaviors:

  • DeviceRect
  • TemplatePrinter
  • HeaderFooter

    DHTML Behaviors are similar to libraries in other programming languages. A behavior is like a function that you can access via an API (Application Procedural Interface). It sports a set of properties and methods you can invoke for your particular object. DHTML behaviors were first introduced in Internet Explorer 5.0. Internet Explorer provides you a set of default behaviors. The above four behaviors belong to this category of default behaviors. You can write behaviors of your own and put them in a ".htc"-extension file. To learn more about behaviors, go to Column 22, DHTML Behaviors and Column 23, More on DHTML Behaviors.