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September 30, 2001 - Accessing a Collection Member

Yehuda Shiran September 30, 2001
Accessing a Collection Member
Tips: September 2001

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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There are several ways to access a collection member on a page. One way is via its index. If you know the positional order of the element on the page, you can access its corresponding collection member via the index. The other way to reference a collection member is by its ID. In this case you need to label the element with an ID. Let's take an example. The first form on a page can be referenced as document.forms[0]. If its ID is "firstForm", the form can be accessed as document.forms["firstForm"].

The following piece of code sends me a mail with your free text. The first version below assumes that the form is no. 1 on the page. Thus, it can be referenced as document.forms[0] across the page:

  ENCTYPE="text/plain" onSubmit="return proceedSubmission()">
<TEXTAREA NAME="inputField" COLS="40" ROWS="10"></TEXTAREA><BR>
<A HREF="thanks.htm" onClick="submitForm(0)">Mail It!</A>
function submitForm(sub) {
function proceedSubmission() {
  return confirm("Click OK to mail this information");
// -->