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April 18, 2002 - Installing the JScript .NET Compiler

Yehuda Shiran April 18, 2002
Installing the JScript .NET Compiler
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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The .NET SDK contains a rich set of resources, encouraging and promoting you to build powerful applications and services based on the .NET Framework technology. It includes an extensive collection of tools, samples, and compilers. One of these compilers is jsc.exe, the JScript .NET compiler. Open a command window and type jsc.exe. Your path should have been updated by the .NET SDK installation, so you can expect that jsc.exe will work from any directory. Type jsc at the prompt and watch the help file listing roll down the window.

The .NET SDK documentation provides a wide range of instructive and practical information. It includes a class libraray reference, conceptual overviews, step-by-step procedures, information about the SDK's tools, and tutorials. These tutorials demonstrate how to create specific types of applications.

To learn more on JScript .NET, go to Column 107, JScript .NET, Part I: The Mechanics.