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April 21, 2002 - The .NET Framework Class Library

Yehuda Shiran April 21, 2002
The .NET Framework Class Library
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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The .NET Framework includes two main components: the common language runtime and the .NET Framework class library. The .NET Framework class library is a collection of reusable types that are tightly integrated with the common language runtime. The class library is object oriented, easy to use, and accelerates your development. For example, the .NET Framework collection classes implement a set of APIs that you can use to develop your own collection classes. The .NET Framework class library enables you to accomplish a range of common programming tasks such as string manipulation, data collection, database connectivity, and file access. You can also use this library to develop console applications, Windows Forms, ASP.NET applications, XML Web services, and Windows services. A classic example is the Web Forms classes. They simplify form development in ASP.NET development projects.

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