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May 12, 2002 - Printing to the Console

Yehuda Shiran May 12, 2002
Printing to the Console
Tips: May 2002

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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Use the print() function to send a string to the console, followed by a newline character. The print statement allows you to display data from a JScript .NET application compiled with the JScript .NET command-line compiler, jsc.exe. The print statement takes a single string as a parameter and displays it to the console. For example, the line:

  print("Hello World!");
will send "Hello World!" to the console. You can use escape sequences to specify actions such as carriage returns and tab movement. Escape sequences are character combinations consisting of a backslash (\) followed by a letter or by a combination of digits. The combination "\n" is new line. The combination "\t" is tab.

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