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May 22, 2002 - Specifying Assemblies

Yehuda Shiran May 22, 2002
Specifying Assemblies
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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In JScript .NET, there are clear rules as to where to search for imported namespaces when they are not defined in the current script. For example, if you import the namespace System.Environment.SpecialFolder and it is not defined within the current script, the jsc.exe compiler will look for the required namespace in the following assemblies (.dll files), in this order:

You can avoid any linkages between namespaces and assemblies in two ways. First, you can specify /autoref- at the jsc.exe invocation. Another way is to import a namespace that does not have a corresponding assembly. But now you need to specify the assembly explicitly. You do this with the /reference switch of the jsc.exe compiler. Here is an example:

  jsc /reference:privatedll.dll myscript.js
To learn more about JScript .NET, go to Column 109, JScript .NET, Part III: Classes and Namespaces.