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August 2, 2002 - Creating Virtual Directory for IsPrime

Yehuda Shiran August 2, 2002
Creating Virtual Directory for IsPrime
Tips: August 2002

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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Let's create an IIS virtual directory for the IsPrime Web service from Column 112. We put all files in d:\aspDemo, including the Web service definition, checkIsPrime.asmx. Now you need to open the IIS control window. In Windows XP, click start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services. Expand the menu by clicking the + button, until you get the Default Web Sites entry:

Default Web Site folder in IIS

Let's create a virtual directory now under Default Web Sites. Right-click the Default Web Sites entry, and pick New Virtual Directory. A wizard will guide you through two entries and a set of options. The first entry is the alias of this Web site. Type Column113. Then it will ask you for the path of the directory where the content is. Browse to your directory and press Next. We chose d:\aspDemo. Leave the last page as is and click Finish. You will now see all your files from d:\aspDemo reflected in the right window of the IIS control panel. You can check now that indeed you can see the IsPrime Web service via http://localhost/Column113/checkIsPrime.asmx (assuming you put checkIsPrime.asmx in d:\aspDemo).

To learn more about JScript .NET and ASP.NET, go to Column 114, JScript .NET, Part VIII: Consuming IsPrime from ASP.NET.