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August 30, 2002 - Initializing the Windows Form

Yehuda Shiran August 30, 2002
Initializing the Windows Form
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Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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A Windows form is defined by a class. This class includes the initialization of all form controls, such as panels, buttons, and text boxes. This class should include a function by the same name, which is the class constructor. Here is a definition of such a class (PanelForm):

  class PanelForm extends System.Windows.Forms.Form {   
    private var label1: Label;
    private var textBox1: TextBox;
    private var button1: Button;
    private var panel1: Panel;
    function PanelForm() {                         
The constructor function, PanelForm(), first sets three properties of the form (Text, ClientSize, and StartPosition):

  this.Text= "Anchoring Demo: Resize Me"; 
  this.ClientSize= new System.Drawing.Size(300,350);
  this.StartPosition= System.Windows.Forms.FormStartPosition.CenterScreen;
The code above sets the text of the window (at the top bar), its size (300x350), and its position (CenterScreen).

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