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October 3, 2002 - IBuySpy File Interactions

Yehuda Shiran October 3, 2002
IBuySpy File Interactions
Tips: October 2002

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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The IBuySpy Store is quite complex. There are about 20 stored procedures, 13 ASP.NET pages, 5 user controls, 5 JScript .NET scripts, and one Web.config file. There is also a lot if interactions between these files. An ASP.NET page uses classes from all of the JScript .NET files, as well as ASP.NET user controls. IBuySpy classes use the stored procedures as their only mechanism to interact with the database. To assist you in finding your way in the IBuySpy Store code, we drew a color-coded map of the different file types and the interactions between them:

On the left hand side you see the ASP.NET user controls (pink) and the JScript .NET components (red). On the right hand side you see all the stored procedures (green). On the bottom you see all the ASP.NET pages. We drew a horizontal line from each stored procedure (green), from each user control (pink), and from each JScript .NET component (red). The vertical lines represents a called-by relationship between the ASP.NET pages at the bottom and the rest of the system. A green vertical line between Login.aspx and the green line going left out of the CustomerLogin stored procedure shows that this stored procedure is called from the Login.aspx ASP.NET page.