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November 26, 1999 - Shortcut Icons

Yehuda Shiran November 26, 1999
Shortcut Icons
Tips: November 1999

Yehuda Shiran, Ph.D.
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Shortcut icons in Internet Explorer 5 are a new feature that you can use to display your logo on the Favorites menu and Address bar. The following screen capture demonstrates:

A Shortcut Icon

The required size of a shortcut icon is 16x16 pixels. To create the icon, use an icon editor, such as the one included in Microsoft Visual Studio or one of the many other icon editors available. The best way to associate an icon with your Web pages is to save it as favicon.ico in your domain's root directory (e.g., Each time your Web page is added to a user's favorites, Internet Explorer automatically searches for this file and places the icon next to all the bookmarks originating from your site.

It is also possible to associate an icon with a specific page. Just put the following code in the HEAD portion of the document:


For more information about the shortcut icon, check out, a Web site dedicated to this feature.