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This week we review Jim Sterne's latest book "World Wide Web Marketing" 3rd Edition. Chock full of useful sites and sage advice this book goes beyond other efforts and shows you what actually works when marketing your products and services on the Web. In other news Nielsen's site gets a usability review, a computer pioneer moves beyond folders, and Microsoft drops Smart Tags, for now.

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New this week on WebReference.com and the Web:

1. FEATURE: Improving Performance with mod_perl: Parts 1/2 2. DHTML: The Return of HierMenus CENTRAL 3. BOOK REVIEW: World Wide Web Marketing 4. OTHER VOICES: * Usability analysis of useit.com * The Future is Bright! (Nielsen Interview) * Good Grips: Usability before Branding * Content Management for the Masses 5. NET NEWS: * New Economy: Selling a Vision of the Future Beyond Folders * Microsoft Break-Up Overturned * Microsoft Will Abandon Controversial Smart Tags

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. FEATURE: Improving Performance with mod_perl: Parts 1/2

>Part 2

We continue our series of excerpts from "MySQL and Perl for the Web." Learn how to configure and test your mod_perl installation, streamline your scripting with startup files, and ensure compatibility with your existing scripts. From New Riders.


>Part 1

Looking to add speed to your Perl applications? In this first of a series of excerpts from chapter 3 of "MySQL and Perl for the Web," we examine the pros and cons of turbo-charging your Perl scripts using mod_perl. From New Riders.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. DHTML LAB: The Return of HierMenus CENTRAL

We've begun the process of updating and reorganizing our hierarchical DHTML menus site, HierMenus CENTRAL: a one-stop resource for the latest downloads, tutorials, and HM information. First up: an updated FAQ section! By Peter Belesis.


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. BOOK REVIEW: World Wide Web Marketing - Third Edition

This is the most comprehensive Web marketing book I've seen. No mere fluff piece touting opt-in emails and keyword optimization, Sterne's newest edition goes deeper than most, from achieving Csikszentmihalyi's "Flow" state to avoiding Nielsen's Top Ten Mistakes, Sterne synthesizes current marketing and optimal Web design wisdom into this 400+ page compendium.

Based on his 15 years of marketing research and consulting, Sterne practices what he preaches and gives you his best stuff up front. Using real-world examples he illustrates various principles you can use to improve your Web site, and then raise your profile.

Like any good Web citizen Sterne is generous with his outbound referrals, and uses expert quotes and cutting-edge companies liberally to illustrate his points. The book has so many useful examples and Web sites it would take you weeks to try them all. I can usually summarize a book with a list or two, but not this one. So I'll just list the chapter headings to give you an idea of its scope:

* Using the World Wide Web for Marketing - What Are You Trying to Accomplish? * Customer Service First * The Usable Web - Be Kind to Your Users * Interactivity Goes with the Flow * Selling Services * Feedback * Value-Added Marketing - It's Personal (Fun, interesting, & useful) * Personalization - Getting to Know You * Professional Personalization - Extranets and Customer Relationship Management * Partner Relationship Management * Attracting Attention * Measure for Measure * Managing Your Site and Your Sanity * Looking toward the Future

If you've seen him speak, then you have an idea of how he writes. No bull, pragmatic prose based on real world examples, sprinkled with his trademark humor. This book is about what actually works when selling products and services on the Web.

I especially enjoyed the personalization chapter, which had some innovative products/URLs I hadn't seen before (and that's hard to do). For a mere 30 bucks, how can you beat it? If you follow his advice, you can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. Highly recommended.

World Wide Web Marketing: Integrating The Web Into Your Marketing Strategy By Jim Sterne Wiley, $29.99 ISBN: 0471416215


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. OTHER VOICES: Usability analysis of useit.com, The Future is Bright!, Good Grips: Usability before Branding, Content Management for the Masses

>Usability analysis of useit.com

UseIt.com rated only a "C" grade (75%) in an evaluation of 40 usability points identified by Nielsen himself. http://users.cwnet.com/adunn/Other/CDES%20215/useit_intro.html Communication World Network, Spring 2001 (CDES 215)

>The Future is Bright!

What Jakob Nielsen thinks the Internet will be like in 20 years. http://www.internet-magazine.com/features/jakob1.asp Internet Magazine, July 2, 2001

>Good Grips: Usability before Branding

Bruce Tognazinni says that good designs for the disabled can also benefit the normally-abled, and effective product design must come before "branding." http://www.asktog.com/columns/048GoodGrips.html Asktog.com, July 2001

>Content Management for the Masses

You don't have to be rich to run a stalwart news site. http://ojr.usc.edu/content/story.cfm?request=602 Online Journalism Review, June 28, 2001

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. NET NEWS: New Economy: Selling a Vision of the Future Beyond Folders, Microsoft Break-Up Overturned, Microsoft Will Abandon Controversial Smart Tags

>New Economy: Selling a Vision of the Future Beyond Folders

David Gelernter of Mirror Worlds Technologies wants to fix a problem that has not been addressed in some 15 years: organizing our information into folders. His solution: Scopeware, a set of computing tools for helping information organize itself in ways that users can readily understand. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/07/02/technology/02NECO.html New York Times, July 2, 2001

>Microsoft Break-Up Overturned

In an apparent victory for Microsoft Corp., the U.S. Court of Appeals for The District of Columbia Thursday overturned U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's decision to break up the software giant as a remedy to its antitrust violations. http://www.internetnews.com/wd-news/article/0,,10_793571,00.html Internetnews.com, June 28, 2001

>Microsoft Will Abandon Controversial Smart Tags

After a wave of criticism, Microsoft Wednesday decided to remove its Smart Tag feature from Internet Explorer 6, at least for now. By Walter Mossberg. http://ptech.wsj.com/archive/ptech-20010628.html Wall Street Journal, June 28, 2001

That's it for this week, see you next time.

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