Tech Trends and Toys - WebReference Update - 021226 | WebReference

Tech Trends and Toys - WebReference Update - 021226

WebReference Update: December 26, 2002

This week we survey the latest tech trends and showcase some high- tech gadgets. Moore's law shows no signs of letting up well into 2004, so we'll see smaller, faster, more capable devices for the near future. Wireless will catch on with security firms cashing in on wide open networks. Hybrid devices are evolving. Image stabilization is revolutionizing photography, and is spreading into other optical devices, which are also hybridizing themselves. Finally, self-publishing will eventually overtake conventional reporting as bloggers often report the news first, albeit mainly unedited. We're also seeing peer-reviewed journals coming online, avoiding the long and restrictive process of print publication. Information wants to be free.*- link to us today*- newsletter home*- submit article

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1. FEATURE:  Wireless
Hybrid Devices
Image Stabilization

That's it for this Thursday, see you next time.

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Created: December 26, 2002
Revised: December 26, 2002