Safari Roundup / Usability ROI - WebReference Update - 030109 | WebReference

Safari Roundup / Usability ROI - WebReference Update - 030109

WebReference Update: January 9, 2003

This week the big news is Apple's new Safari browser. Based on Konquerer's KHTML, the Safari beta is at least 40% faster than competing browsers in rendering HTML and executing JavaScript. Of course the beta has some CSS rendering bugs, which the developers are hard at work ironing out. Read the Safari roundup later in this issue. In other voices Jakob finds an impressive ROI for usability, and Webword reviews "The Elements of User Experience."

Speaking of books... Your humble editor has finally written one, titled "Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization" from New Riders. As the name implies this book shows you how to speed up your site to avoid the slow-loading blues. Our first exclusive excerpt on speeding up JavaScript launched on Wednesday:

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New this week on and the Web:


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1. OTHER VOICES:  Return on Investment for Usability
Book Review: The Elements of User Experience
Who Had the Worst User Experience?

2. NET NEWS:  Apple Launches New Browser at Macworld
Overture Gleeful Over Yahoo!-Inktomi Deal

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Created: January 9, 2003
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