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Featured Articles Archive - 1999

This index covers all the new articles featured on our Web site. Many of the articles are contributed by our readers, others by freelance writers. Your words could be read — and your voice could be heard — by tens of thousands of our visitors and subscribers to our newsletter. Sound interesting? Submit your article today:

[The difference between the two methods is that articles submitted using the Open Publishing Initiative are generally shorter than the freelance articles, and the author does not receive monetary compensation. Freelance submissions are accepted upon receipt of a signed freelance contract. The freelance author does receive compensation.]

Getting Back to Basics
Erich Hugo lays out some strong opinions in his article "Getting Back to Basics" - that e-businesses shouldn't waste their money taking on the world with banner ads, but should instead focus on the basics. December 23, 1999
10 Reasons to Develop in ASP
Alan Mendelevich gives us a ten point introduction to ASP development that anyone could use. December 16, 1999
Encouraging Community On Your Web Site Through Experience
Michelle Moore reminds us that community building is one of the most effective ways to both attract users and keep 'em coming back. December 9, 1999
X(ML) Marks the Spot
Leroyson Figueira introduces us to XML, one of the hottest topics in Web development today. December 2, 1999
Web Animation - More Than Software
Christopher Grotke thinks the time is ripe for Web Animation to come of age, and tells you why in this article. November 11, 1999
Practicing Safe Code
Kenneth Tibbetts helps everyone keep their pages clean and their users happy. November 4, 1999
Intro to PHP
Stirling Hughes offers up a solid introduction to PHP, a popular server side programming language. October 28, 1999
Software Developers Have Something To Teach You
Jon Dillon emphasizes the importance of focus in Web site planning. October 14, 1999