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Featured Articles Archive - 2002

This index covers all the new articles featured on our Web site. Many of the articles are contributed by our readers, others by freelance writers. Your words could be read — and your voice could be heard — by tens of thousands of our visitors and subscribers to our newsletter. Sound interesting? Submit your article today:

[The difference between the two methods is that articles submitted using the Open Publishing Initiative are generally shorter than the freelance articles, and the author does not receive monetary compensation. Freelance submissions are accepted upon receipt of a signed freelance contract. The freelance author does receive compensation.]

Tech Trends and Toys
We survey the latest tech trends and showcase some high-tech gadgets. By Andy King. Dec. 26, 2002
Up to Speed with Opera 7 - Notes for Code Writers
Opera 7 really sings, but for JavaScripters some notes are slightly off key. By Kenneth Tibbetts. Dec. 12, 2002
Making Headlines With Cascading Style Sheets
It only takes a dash of CSS to spice up otherwise bland content and grab your reader's attention. In this tutorial, guest author Christopher Schmitt provides specific examples for dressing up your page and section headers. Dec. 11, 2002
Using Multiple CSS Classes on Elements
Making use of the latest coding standards not only makes a Web developer's job easier, but can also result in smaller pages. Applying multiple CSS classes to individual elements allows you to style your HTML with less overall bytes. By Eddie Traversa. Nov. 27, 2002
Viewstate Optimization Strategies in ASP.NET
Viewstate can help you to maintain a site visitor's information across multiple form hits; but if you're not careful it can also negatively impact your overall bandwidth and/or your server response times. In this article we examine the basics of viewstate and offer optimization pointers for two typical usage scenarios. By Utpal Chakraborty. Nov. 20, 2002
Java-JSP Menu Builder for HierMenus
When a single static array of menus isn't a viable option, HM implementors often turn to server-side techniques. This case-in-point solution utilizes JSP technology to auto-generate HierMenu arrays on a page by page basis. By Paulo Caroli and Srimant Misra. Nov. 18, 2002
Creating Unique Automatic JavaScript Objects
Need to create a JavaScript object, and ensure that one--and only one--instance is available to your scripts? Guest author Philip Chalmers discusses his technique for creating single JavaScript object instances that can be accessed from multiple scripts. Nov. 7, 2002.
Drag and Drop In Internet Explorer
Add personality to your pages by extending the default drag-n-drop behavior of the Internet Explorer Web browser. Guest author Nicholas Zakas shows you how to use JavaScript to tie into and customize IE drag-n-drop events.
Spam Solutions II
Inundated with spam? Can't separate the wheat from the chaff? Here are some tips and software to help you reduce the amount of spam in your in-box. By Andy King. Sep. 26, 2002
Fast Loading Pages: A Fresh Look at Internet Speed
Making your pages load quickly will keep them coming back for more. By Kenneth Tibbett. Aug. 1, 2002
AlltheWeb versus Google
Does size really matter? Guest columnist Rich Wiggins investigates AlltheWeb's claim to have surpassed Google in terms of total documents indexed.
A Cross-Browser DOM Document Wrapper
Though implemented differently, both of the latest browsers support dynamic XML document loading. This tutorial shows you how to write a common JavaScript API that will work similarly for both IE and Netscape (Mozilla). By Nicholas C. Zakas. June 13, 2002
WebStandards.org to Relaunch
The Web Standards Project relaunched this week with a new mission, a new crew, and a new attitude. Having convinced the browser and authoring tool makers to adopt standards, they turn their pointy stingers towards web designers and developers. In other words, us. We talked to Jeffrey Zeldman about WaSP 2. By Andy King. June 10, 2002
Content Management Application Development: Best Practices
CMA's can increase your ROI ASAP, if you do them the right way. Godfrey Baker of Organic shows you how. May 23, 2002
Reinventing the Wheel
Slow fades and swipes for navigation? Designers are using Flash to replicate standards-based HTML and create fancy effects for navigation. Why reinvent the wheel? By Andy King. May 20, 2002
Multi-Feed RSS Sidebar Tabs
Our new WebRef sidebar tab provides RSS based headlines from multiple internet.com sites, and our sidebar script combines multiple Internet technologies allowing you to create your own sidebars for the latest Netscape and Mozilla browsers. By Dan Ragle.
Alexa Web Search
Amazon's new service combines the power of Google, the rankings of Alexa, the Wayback Machine, and Amazon's back-end. Will Amazon rate the web like they do for books? By Andy King. April 9, 2002
DOM-Based Conditional Script Loading in JavaScript
You can embed JavaScript within Web pages using the <script> tag. But how do you ensure that incompatible browsers don't stumble over your shiny new DOM code? By using DOM methods, of course. Kenneth Tibbetts explains. April 30, 2002
Current Events: A Client Side Tipsheet
Events are common on Web pages, and, as a developer, sooner or later you will want to write specific handlers for them. Returning author Kenneth Tibbetts serves up some event handling code and discussion to whet your appetite. April 10, 2002
Why Script?
Kenneth Tibbetts gives us five good reasons why we should script our web pages. March 28, 2002
Waiting for the DOM
Kenneth Tibbetts runs down scripting related DOM differences in the major browsers. March 14, 2002
The Evolution of Rollovers
From JavaScript to CSS2, we chronicle the development of rollover creation techniques over time. By Andy King. March 11, 2002
CSS Repository?
Our own Andy King proposes a CSS repository where designers could get free CSS layouts, rated by users. March 7, 2002
PHP and Regular Expressions 101
Regular expressions needn't be tools exclusive to UNIX shell programmers and Perl gurus. As guest author Mitchell Harper explains, adding basic regular expression functions to your PHP code is simpler than you might think. March 4, 2002
JavaScript and Accessibility
Relying solely on JavaScript to access your site is an accessibility barrier. We look at an example, and ways to gracefully degrade. By Andy King. Feb. 21, 2002
Navigational Systems Defined by Customer Experience
Learn how mirroring the customers' experience in the offline world can improve navigational systems on web sites. By Mary Brodie. Feb. 7, 2002
Content Management - The Magic behind the Web
Dr. JoAnn Hackos talks about the advantages of content management systems over more ad hoc systems to preview her new book "Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery" due in February from John Wiley. Jan. 24, 2002
Accessibility for All?
We track the spread of the Olympic Web site accessibility story, and offer some pointers. By Andy King. Jan. 22, 2002
Why Projects Fail - and What You Can Do About It
Failure rates on custom software projects are above 70%. Hal Helms proposes a new methodology, Fusebox. Using wireframes and embedded messaging Fusebox provides developers with just-in-time client feedback. Jan. 3, 2002

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