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WebRef Update: Featured Article: Cashing in on Unused Domain Names | 2

Cashing in on Unused Domain Names

Promote or Die (cont.)

c) List the name on GreatDomains.com

These are the biggest domain name brokers on the Net, with over a million names listed. But having so many names is a double-edged sword. The site attracts many potential buyers, but unless your name really stands out, you have very little chance of making a sale here. List anyway, as this is a very important site, and by listing your name, it will be picked up by meta-domain search engines (see Sedo.com).

d) List the name on Afternic.com

This is by far the biggest domain name auction site on the Net, and is particularly suited to small-cap names - i.e. those names which sell for under $5,000 (the vast majority). According to Afternic, by listing at their site you are reaching up to 20 million potential buyers through their partner network. You really must list your name here.

e) Submit your site to Sedo.com

http://Sedo.com is one of the new breed - a meta-search engine for domain offers. In other words, they have a huge database of domain names which are available for sale, across a large number of domain name listing sites. You can also add your name to their database directly, which is highly recommended if you find your name is not already there.

f) Submit your name to other domain name listing sites

If you have some spare time, go ahead and list with as many of the smaller domain listing sites as you can find. (Try using http://iDomainLinks.com to find them.) Most suffer from lack of liquidity, but the scattergun approach can sometimes pay dividends.

Step 3 - Make The Deal

You could get lucky, and receive an offer just days after listing your name. Typically, though, names are listed for months before any offers arrive. The key here is to be patient. Think about it - a party needs to come along who believes that the name is right, even essential, for their new Web site. Nobody else is going to make you a worthwhile offer.

Here are a few pointers that will help you negotiate a deal once the first offer comes in.

A) Private sale

B) GreatDomains.com C) Afternic.com

Wrapping Things up

Once you have agreed on a deal with the buyer, then you will have to complete the deal. They send you payment, and you transfer the name to them. It's best to use an escrow service here. It protects both parties, but can be quite expensive, so make sure you have agreed before-hand who will pay for it. Normally the buyer pays, but sometimes the cost is shared. Good luck!

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