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Plate Owner Registration About the Owner

Adam C. Warden - WEBGUY 5

Adam C. Warden

Registered in July, 2002 and adorns a 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada. Adam owns the Web design company Straight Focus Web design; but until the State of Illinois allows 13 letters on plates he'll have to just stick with "WEBGUY" for his Olds. The 5 is the number of Adam's family; including the latest addition, Adam "WEBGUY" Jr.



Registered in 1998. Having been a notepad-based HTML coder since 1994, Bob reports that he is very familiar with this tag; and judging by the thumbs up he occasionally receives from others, he's not the only one.

Steve Winter - WEB CZAR

Steve Winter

Registered in 2001 on a Navy Blue 2001 Chevy Silverado. Steve has been creating digital graphics since the late 1980's and adopted the Web in 1995. He has his own Web development company since then, known to the world as California Design Studio.

Rich Zidonis - WEBZAR

Rich Zidonis

Registered in 2002 for a gold, 1996 Lexus. For you spelling bee winners who might not care for the way Rich spells "czar" both on his plate and in the name of his company (WEBZAR.COM, Inc.), Rich is quick to point out that the "ZAR" spelling is simply his initials in reverse.

Peggy Huggins - PEGS BNB

Peggy Huggins

Registered in 2002 on a 2002 Chevy Trail Blazer. His-n-hers plates for his-n-hers businesses! Peggy is both the significant other of the WEBZAR (above) and the owner of Peggy's Bed and Breakfast, a true Internet business that is not advertised in the phone book yet still enjoys an over 60% occupancy rate most months.

Stephen J. Friedl - UNIX WIZ

Stephen J. Friedl

Registered in 1998 on a 1998 Dodge Intrepid. Stephen notes that this plate is the latest in his personal line of UNIX related plates. His previous plate was "3B2 UNIX," and it lived on a 1989 Mustang GT Convertible.

John Sottile - UNIX V

John Sottile

First registered in 1988 for an RX-7. This plate was purchased when John was doing UNIX System V support and app development for AT&T Bell Labs. Since then the well traveled plate has also ridden on a 300ZX, and now on a 1995 Cadillac SLS. Among the plate anecdotes John mentions is the one where a pair of elderly ladies once innocently asked him: "Why would you advertise the fact that you are a Eunuch?"

Vern - UNIX


Registered in October of 1998 on a red '89 Jeep Cherokee. Attention license plate shoppers: persistence pays off! Vern reports that he was able to snag this plate after a friend of his had already tried for several months.

Matthew J. Grossman - THENERD

Matthew J. Grossman

Registered in 1999 on a 2000 Infiniti QX4. "The_Nerd" has been Matthew's IRC nick since 1994.

Chuck Dearbeck - SO MUCH

Chuck Dearbeck

Registered in the mid-90's. Originally intended to promote Chuck's "So Much" series of shareware CD ROMS, this plate now promotes Chuck's link directory Web site,

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