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The Internet License Plate Gallery at


Original concept by Richard Wiggins and Andrew King

"Vanity Plate, Thy Name is Internet"

The Internet License Plate Gallery showcases automobile license plates with an Internet theme. Plates like NET GOD, and HTMLGAL qualify, and EMILY and UMGOBLU do not. The brainchild of Richard Wiggins owner of Michigan's INTRNET license plate, the gallery came about after he heard Andy King owned a vanity Net plate WEBMSTR. Rich figured that there were lots of people with these things, why not make a gallery?

Submit Your Own Plates

Do you have a so-called "vanity" license plate that features an Internet theme? Maybe one that says "TCP IP" or "WEBMSTR" or "HTML DOC" or "NET DUDE" or "NET GAL"? If so, you belong in the Gallery! Submit your Internet-related plates to us and we'll post them on the site. Here's what you need to do:

Take a photo of your plate or have it scanned. The graphic file should be in GIF format, in color and clear and sharp. A size of 120px x 60px is recommended, but we may be able to accept other sizes as well, so long as they are clear. For the Gallery we're interested in straight shots of your plate, and we're only interested in plates with an Internet theme.

You will need to place the graphic of the plate on either your Web site (it doesn't need to be seen publicly, as long as we can get to it) or upload it to an image hosting site (e.g., Photobucket or Flickr).

Then, just submit your name, e-mail, and the URL of the image of the plate. Be sure and tell us what year you first registered the plate, and what was your inspiration for picking the vanity plate.

Meanwhile, enjoy the gallery!