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Mother of Perl

About Mother of Perl

Mother of Perl is a free biweekly how-to devoted to all things Perl. Perl has been an integral part of the Web developer's toolkit for years now. There are probably more Perl scripts, tools, and libraries available for Web Development than any other modern language. This column will attempt to address the needs and concerns of the Desparate Perl Hacker© by providing practical, powerful, and elegant solutions to everyday problems in 100 lines of code or less. If you would like to see a topic or problem area covered in Mother of Perl, please let me know by sending me some feedback.

The Author

Jonathan Eisenzopf is an author, teacher, and consultant who has worked with companies like Netscape, Chrysler, Mecklermedia, Bell Atlantic, and Litton/PRC to deploy large scale Web-based information systems. He is presently a Principal Software Engineer and VP of Technology at Whirlwind Interactive, based in the Washington D.C. area. Jonathan is active in the Perl and XML communities by delivering presentations to user groups, contributing articles to publications such as The Perl Journal, authoring modules for CPAN, and maintains, an information clearinghouse for Perl and XML resources. Jonathan is also a co-author of an upcoming book from O'Reilly and Associates covering Perl and XML.

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