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Mother of Perl - Contest Results

Creative Daemon Contest Results

I'm happy to announce the Perl Daemon Contest winners. Entries were judged by Randal Schwartz of Stonehenge Consulting. There were a total of 15 entries. The list of these entries is available at A copy of the contest rules are available at: The source code and comments for all of the entries is freely available at: I want to thank those that took the time to enter. I was impressed many of the entries and so was Randal :)


The First, Second, and Third place entries will win a copy of Mastering Algorithms with Perl. In addition the First place entry will win $300. Second place $200.


Copies of Mastering Algorithms with Perl have been graciously provided by O'Reilly. Cash prizes have been provided by Whirlwind Interactive. Thanks to Randal Schwartz of Stonehenge Consulting for volunteering to judge the contest entries.

The Results

Randal used the judging criteria to assigned a score, 10 being the maximum score that can be awarded.

1st Place: Entry 14 - FilterProxy from Bob McElrath

2nd Place: Entry 11 - pswatcher from R. Bernstein

3rd Place: Entry 8 - lpadmin from Beat Hess

Congratulations to the winners!

Below are the results for all of the 15 entries ranked by score with comments from Randal

1SurfCount4nice use of multipart/mixed handling. generates illegal HTML.
2Microsoft Sucks2Cute, and sometimes I feel that way, but I hate spam. Could have used Net::SMTP.
3titled5interesting application! and practical. could have used open/print instead of system(!), saving two forks per xterm. xterm menu bar update might get slurped in middle of an esc sequence to that xterm no caching of result, so a lot of unnecessary output.
4rrserv5high on cool factor for concept. lots of code [grin].
5alive0this is not the "obfuscated daemon contest."
6baslik6practical application. probably works, but seems cobbled or translated from something else.
7Rock, Scissors, Paper3loses points for dis-sing EFNET #perl (grin). ugh - use of `find` rather than File::Find and other gratuitious system()'s for removing a file!. concept is fun. at least the loops are indented. too bad all those system()'s in a DAEMON.
8lpadmin7get this man a CPAN ID, quick! (No space on server is no excuse! :) nice practical application. good reusable modules (even if only partially fleshed out). documentation included (embedded POD, even!).
9shepherd6nice code, although a few of the Perl constructs are suboptimal. practical concept. loses points for C program and mentioning PHP (grin).
10htprox6overall code is tight, and fairly maintainable. good concept (I even did one of these for WT). nice use of a configuration file.
11pswatcher8security holes in sample ini files (user could get a process named ~!evilcommand !). Makefile.PL - cool!
12mird6not using Net::IRC, so a lot of reinventing wheel required. interesting concept, although limited practicality
13qdp - Quick Dirty Proxy5Interesting, but unfortunately we've already seen better here.
14FilterProxy9nice use of modules for leverage. No Makefile.PL (awwww). nice pluggable architecture.
15isomat5good useful concept. nice short code.

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