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Moniker 0.2 | Tutorial 6: Monitoring Internet Services by Name Docs | Grab It
Moniker is a simple command-line Perl script that is used to monitor services like HTTP, POP, NNTP, SMTP, and IMAP on local or remote servers anywhere on the Internet. It is intended to be simple to install and use, but is not intended to be a full-featured replacement for more advanced monitoring tools. Version 0.2 adds the ability to use a CSV file to specify the servers, services to monitor as well as the email address to send a notification to. | Tutorial 8: RSS News Feeds with XML::RSS Docs | Grab it
Brian McNett has contributed a version of that works as a BBEdit include file. According to Brian, "The format is somewhat similar to Server Side Includes in appearance, but the functionality it somewhat different, due to the way BBEdit uses AppleEvents to send data to MacPerl." Now Mac users can convert RSS to HTML on the fly! The quest for RSS solutions continues. | PerlHoo, Part I : PerlHoo, Part II Try it | Grab it
This script implements a simple Yahoo-like Web directory using regular directories and comma delimited data files. | XML and Perl: Embedding XML in HTML Try it | Grab it
This script retrieves a file from the Web, queries it for a specified list of comma delimited tags, and displays the tag name, attributes, and content. It was written to retreive embedded XML from within an HTML file, but it will work with any markup files on the web so long as they have a beginning and ending tag. | XML and Perl: Embedding XML in HTML Try it | Grab it
This script retrieves the top-news headlines from and builds a news summary from the results. It's based on Use this on your site to include up-to-the-minute news from InternetNews.

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