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Weblog is a Web-based tool that allows you to manage multiple Weblog channels. Each channel consists of up to 15 items. Each item contains a title, URL, and an optional description. Each channel exists as an RSS XML file, which can be distributed to partners who also want to display your channel on their Web site. The distribution includes a script that converts an RSS file to HTML that can be included on another Web page. Channels can be published to HTML, the Palm Clipping format for Palm Pilot PDAs, and WML for WAP phones

It's Free

Weblog is Open Source. This means you can use the product for free. XIF Communications will continue to maintain the application and provide support and customizations to customers. Additionally, since it includes the source code, you can make modifications to suite your needs.

It's Easy to Use

Maintaining channels is extremely simple. New items can be easily added and existing items can be changed or deleted on one page. Every function is one click away. The distribution comes with an installation program that makes installation easier.

It's Powerful

Each channel can be published to multiple formats including RSS versions 0.9, 0.91, and 1.0, HTML, Palm Clipping, and WML. Other output formats are planned for the near future include audio, JavaScript, and a more feature-rich RDF format used for browsing directories of channels.

It's Highly Configurable

Weblog can be controlled via its XML configuration file. Most features can be customized or turned off. Look and feel for each channel is controlled by output templates that can be customized to meet the design of your Web site.


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