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Weblog Unleashed | 3

Weblog Unleashed

Installing Weblog...

Step 11

Since WAP phones have small screens, the Weblog breaks items up into individual files, one per item. Select the directory that these files will be stored in. The index.wml file will point to those item files to make them browsable. The default is /home/httpd/html/wml.

Step 12

We also need the URL that points to the WML directory that will hold the WML item files to make sure that we link to the right URLs from the index.wml. The default is http://perlmom/wml. I'm sure this will be different on your server :)

Step 13

Next, we need to go through the same process for Palm Clipping files. These are essentially stripped HTML files with special headings that the Palm VII and clipping enabled Palms can recognize. First select the Palm index file. The default is /home/httpd/html/palm/index.html.

Step 14

Weblog also splits the channel items into separate files for Palm HTML output. Select the directory in which the item files will reside. The default is /home/httpd/html/palm.

Step 15

Finally, select the URL associated with the Palm item directory that you just selected. The default is http://perlmom/palm.

Step 16

Lastly, select the directory in which the RSS files will reside. By default, Weblog creates RSS files for version 1.0, 0.91, and 0.9. The rss files will be the same name as the abbreviated Weblog name you selected earlier. 0.91 and 0.9 versions will have the version number appended to the abbreviated name to distinguish them from version 1.0, which does not contain the version name in the filename.

Step 17

You're almost done. The installation script will now write the XML configuration file, config.xml and write a second Bourne Shell script that will actually do the installation, install.sh.

Step 18

Examine the install.sh file to make sure it's not doing anything you might object to.

Step 19

Now, as root, run the install.sh script. All the files will be installed as specified in the installation process. You're ready to go. You should now be able to access the Weblog from the script URL you specified.


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