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Weblog 1.6 - Mother of Perl | 3

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Weblog 1.6

Recommended Installation

If you do not have root access, you will need to follow the Alternate Installation detailed in the next page of the tutorial.

Step 1.

Copy everything in the weblog directory to /home/httpd/ or some other directory where you typically place Web applications. It should be above the Web server root directory.

ex. cp -R weblog-1.6 /home/httpd/weblog

Step 2.

Map the bin/ directory to a script URL in your Web server's configuration file. In Apache add the following line to your httpd.conf file:

   ScriptAlias /weblog/bin/ /home/httpd/weblog/bin/

Step 3.

Create aliases for the channel stories/ directory. For Apache, try:

   Alias /webnews/ /home/httpd/weblog/channels/webnews/

Step 4.

Make sure the values of the config/config.xml file reflect the values of the files, directories, and URLs that have been configured.

Step 5.

Next, you will need to make sure that the files in the rss/, html/, palm/, and wml/ directories under channel/weblog as well as the directories under var/ are all owned by the Web user. Alternatively, you can make the files and directories world writable if you don't have permissions to change ownerships. If this is not done, you will get errors when you try to update your channel.

   ex. chown nobody /home/httpd/weblog/channels/webnews/*/*
       chown nobody /home/httpd/weblog/var/*

Step 6.

Restart the Web server if you've made changes to any Web server configuration files.

Step 7.

Load weblog.pl in your browser and change the Channel Summary parameters to meet your needs.

Installation Complete

The Weblog installation is now complete. Now, visit Using Weblog for more.

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