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Weblog 1.6

Managing Multiple Channels

By default, only one channel is installed. To add additional channels, you must perform the following steps.

Step 1.

Manually copy and paste everything in the <channel> element in the config.xml file. Change the value of the <name> and <sitename> variable to reflect the name of the new channel. Do not put ant spaces or non-alphanumeric characters in the <name> variable.

Step 2.

Copy the contents of the default channel (webnews) to a new directory. Name it the same as the value in the <name> variable for the new channel.

Step 3.

You will need to create new Web server aliases for the rss/, html/, wml/, and palm/ directories:

   Alias /newchannel/ /home/httpd/weblog/channels/newchannel/stories/

Make sure the aliases differ from that of the aliases for the default channel unless the new channel is being configured on a virtual Web server on the same machine.

Step 4.

Load Weblog URL in your browser. There should be a link to the channel you added at the top of the screen. Click on it and begin editing the new channel.

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